Perfect Thickness With Less Cleanup

When you need perfect thickness in your lumber and don’t want to waste a bunch of time cleaning it up after you get done planing it, we can help you find one of the best benchtop planers available that deliver consistent thickness with minimal cleanup.

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Not many tools can beat a benchtop planer when it comes to smoothing wooden boards and milling them to a precise thickness. In the past, you could find benchtop planers at millwork and cabinet shops.


A wood planer is an excellent addition to any craftsman's equipment. It is an essential accessory to produce wood boards of even thickness. The conventional wood planer served more like a handheld tool.

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Dewalt Benchtop Planer Review

Dewalt DW734 Benchtop Planer Review

Nothing tops the convenience of owning a state of the art wood planer to smooth hardwood boards with a smooth consistency. A quality wood-planer can help keep the trims flat and even – and can get you the thickness you want.

Grizzly G0505 Benchtop Planer Review

Grizzly G0505 Benchtop Planer Review

You have to consider many features when selecting a benchtop planer. Artisans today are lucky to have a wide variety of options to choose from, but sometimes that can be a hindrance to making the right choice. Weighing up your options makes it easier for you to decide on a model that best suits your needs.

Makita 12-Inch Benchtop Planer Review

Makita 12-Inch Benchtop Planer Review

A craftsman’s toolkit is incomplete without a wood planer. You can use this machine to create wooden boards with uniform thickness, which is perfect if you want to work with wood. Initially, planers featured a handheld design, but today, several brands incorporate modern technology and innovations in their devices.

WEN Benchtop Thickness Planer Review

WEN Benchtop Thickness Planer Review

There is nothing more satisfying than to bring old, jagged and ragged wooden boards back to life. But you need to have something that gets the job done with precision and considerably ease.

That is where the WEN 6550 benchtop planer came into play and Infused with granite; the tool is ideal for repurposing uneven, worn-out and rough wood, providing a fantastic and a streamlined finish to the material.

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